Y'akoto in concert..!About a week back within the Cultural Festival St.Gallen Y’akoto played a concert. I was familiar with some of her music and I looked forward to hear and see her life. The ‘Kultur Festival St.Gallen’, hosted a number of concerts in a 2 week span. Ana Scent was the initial act before Y’akoto, synthesized pop music in contrast to Y’akoto’s soulful music. Y’akoto is a singer, born in Hamburg Germany but raised for much of her childhood in Ghana, Kamerun, Togo and Tschad in Africa. You want to find out more about her, here is a link to her homepage!

To make along story short I really enjoyed her performance, a great voice and quite the stage presence. She plays with a superb band… I hope the images present a bit of an impression of the concert…

concert-112 concert-121 concert-128 concert-135 concert-144 concert-150 concert-158 concert-161 concert-177 concert-193 concert-194 concert-208 concert-215 concert-223 concert-234 concert-236

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