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I got the Summer Blues…

The days are hot and sunny, well most of them…Valerie Swimming in the pool Here in Switzerland, central Europe it is not unusual to get a few days, or even a week of rain in the middle of the summer, temperature drops and even snow up in the higher regions of the Alps.

I am working part time as a Lifeguard at a local pool and of course we are the busiest on the hot, sunny days. It’s enjoyable work most days, maybe a little stressful at times, but overall pretty nice. I do take a camera to work at times and hope for a good image opportunity.

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Portrait Shooting with Mo

In the past week I shot some images with Mo. Portrait Shooting with MoI had talked her into a photo shooting session maybe a month ago and in the past week we managed to coordinate our schedules…

Mo was fun to work with and many images turned out great!

Test-Shooting with Michelle…

A few days ago I had the chance to test my recently acquired Fuji XT-2 in a ‘Environmental’ Environmental Portrait shooting with MichellePortrait session. I was curious to see, how the camera would respond and feel during the actual shooting and I wanted to see the quality and the dynamic range the final images would display.

Images from 2016

I was wondering last night, how I should end the year 2016 in photographic terms? ThDom Church Saint Gallenan it came to me and I decided to simply post some of my favorite images, that I have taken around these parts in the past year.

Shooting with Michelle Morray

A few day ago I had the pleasure of working with MichellePortraits of Michelle Morray (Mimy) Morray. We got together to resolve some of her computer problems and went from there straight into creating the following images.

Mimy at present works as a bartender but she is an aspiring DJ.

Amazing how time flies..!

It’s late fall…quiet pond surrounded by trees

After a most amazing summer, speaking in weather terms, the fall started out cold and wett. Then in mid October it turned warm, sunny and dry again and stayed so until last night. A strong cold front with lot’s of wind is hitting the center of Europe and rain is pelting the windows.