Shooting with Michelle Morray

A few day ago I had the pleasure of working with MichellePortraits of Michelle Morray (Mimy) Morray. We got together to resolve some of her computer problems and went from there straight into creating the following images.

Mimy at present works as a bartender but she is an aspiring DJ. It was dark at the time the computer issues were resolved and so I had to work with artificial light and a simple softbox with a Canon 580 EX-II. I shot with my Fuji XT-1, a 35/ 1.4 and the 56/ 1.2. To trigger the flash I used the Cactus as trigger and receiver.

The shot took place in the hallway behind our gallery. The good news is that the white paint job is a neutral backdrop. For a couple of the images I used a second blue gelled flash to create the blue rim light on the left side.

mimy-21 mimy-25 mimy-47 mimy-51 mimy-56 mimy-57 mimy-83 mimy-111 mimy-114

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