Statues on top of the plaza facing St. Peters Basilica.Last Sunday we, my brothers Andreas and Donat, his son Remus and I, few to Rome for a quick city visit. It is fall vacation time here in Europe.

Donat had lived in Rome years back for some time and Andreas had visited there a number of times, as did Remus. For me it was a first! We got our feet on the ground so to speak early afternoon and went for a stroll immediately, not a moment to waste…

Donat took the lead and guided us through the streets, from the back of the Vatican, where we stayed to the front and eventually into the great ‘piazza’ facing St. Peters Basilica. The size and grandeur of the plaza and the basilica is impressive! Even more astounding is the interior of the church…

The next 2 days we would tour parts of the inner city, the cultural and historical center of the known world at the hight of the expansion of Rome. Ruin stacked on top of ruin, used again for foundations of structures of a later generation of the empire. Heathen temples, used as churches with the rise and acceptance of the Christian faith.

Covering distances on foot, by open tour bus, or by subway got us thirsty and hungry and we sampled the typical Italian Cappuccino in the morning, Espresso in the afternoon, white or red wine with lunch or dinner comprised of pizzas, antipasti, ‘Saltimbocca’ or ‘Risoto con fungi’ and more… Let me put it this way; we didn’t loose any weight!

All along I tried to cover our trip photographically. I used the Fuji x-E1 as well as the recently acquired Fuji x-T1. My Canon’s stayed home this time in favor of a more compact system. More about both cameras in a future post. Anyway, I added a gallery and hope the pass on my initial photographic impression!

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