Rollei CT-5C Compact Tripod

A wile back I wrote a review about the C50i tripod also from Rollei. Rollei CT-5C with stubby legsWith the start of the backpacking/ hiking and biking season I was looking around for an even lighter and more compact table tripod, something slightly sturdier than a Gorilla Pod. I own a Gorilla Pod and it has it’s uses too.

When I bought the Rollei C50i, I purchased the item on impulse, at the time that tripod was on discount. I ended up using it regularly and enjoyed it’s attributes and that led me to writing a review at the time. Rollei C50i.

Back to where I started this review, the slightly lighter Rollei CT-5C, I guess the last letter stands for Carbon…

Often carbon tripods are not that much lighter than the aluminum counterparts, but they are also stiffer and not as cold to the touch in cold weather. The purchase price also reflects a certain exclusivity, compared to the more affordable aluminum version. So I generally stick to the later. What changed my mind was a YouTube video that showed the tripod with the optional stubby legs attached, all included as part of the package. By the way, with one of the legs and the center column combined you can also create a monopod.

Anyway, in weeks passed, I managed to experiment with both leg options and I am quite happy with the different setup’s. On an overnight hiking trip into the Swiss Alps I opted for the short stubby table legs that can telescope for an additional 20cm or 8”, creating a relatively sturdy platform. I managed to shoot several long exposure images at night und some more in the morning as the sun rose and illuminated a nearby rock wall in red hues, before touching the valley floor. The disadvantage of this set up is, that the camera is close to the ground. My Fuji XT-2 has a flip out screen, a definite advantage in this situation.

On an overnight or multi day trip where you carry all your gear including sleeping bag, pad, additional clothes and a bit of food and water with you, every little bit of weight reduction counts. My photographic set up for hiking includes a Fujifilm XT-2, with and L bracket, several prime lenses and a filter kit. I have not tried the tripod with a digital SLR, but I am pretty confident that it would support even a canon 5D-MK-4 with a prime lens, maybe even a wide-angle zoom…

On my last outing I used the long leg sections. The hike would be a short one into a canyon with a well kept path and in some of the key locations a railing and I wanted to be able to set up, to shoot above this railing. The extra weight was not an issue and the additional hight was key in the end. This canyon has two waterfalls and a walkway, where you can climb up to the second fall as well, coming face to face with the falling water. I explored numerous options and angles and created several long exposure images up to 60 seconds. I feel like I have only scratched the surface in this location and I may have to return at an other time, maybe fall would be a good time…

All in all I am very happy with my purchase and I can recommend the Rollei CT-5C whole heartedly from my personal experience.

Rollei CT-5C. iall items includedAll Items Included




Telescoping stubby legs extended

Sample Images

Night-Sky Bollenwees Alpstein

Fuji XT-2 with 14/ 2.8 @ 2.8, ISO 3200 15 sec. exposure

Fuji XT-2 and 14/2.8, @ f/11, 200 ISO 1/13 sec. exposure

Fuji XT-2 and 14/2.8, @ f/8, 200 ISO 4sec. exposure (6stop ND and CP)


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