JOBY SLR-Zoom, Gorilla Pod

Every once in a wile a piece of equipment, a gadget comes along that does make a difference in a photographers work flow. I am talking about the Gorilla Pod from JOBY.

Not to long ago I started to work with the more compact Mirror-less cameras from Fuji, the X-series. I enjoy the lighter weight, smaller size of the camera and so I was in search of a lighter and smaller tripod too. Versatility and enough stability to hold even a mid size SLR were paramount in my criteria. On the versatility side, when traveling you are often on the road for long days and I wanted something that I would not mind to carry for hours. I may take it with me on a late outing, going to dinner, to be able to take some night time long exposure images afterwards. I could also carry camera and ‘tripod’ on a intense mountain bike trip, weight being reduced to the absolute minimum.

So eventually I decided for the SLR- Zoom from JOBI, it’s their second largest pod, jet relatively compact. it is light weight and allows you to set it on a table or attach it even to a fence or the limb of a tree with it's flexible legs. It can hold a camera as well as a off camera flash or small LED light.

It comes with a small ball-head and a quick release plate with a level. The plate screw gets attached to the camera with a coin. The ball head is rather small and jet it allows you to fine tune the position of the camera and as such is paramount for it’s usefulness.

This gizmo/ gadget  will not replace a decent size tripod, but for sure, but it has come in handy for me many times already. I only regret that I waited so long to purchase it, there were various opportunities since I started to debate, should I, or should I not purchase this item…

Check out the JOBY website and see the many different uses and additional applications for the Pods.

Give it a go and have a ball with it..!

Fuji X-E1 Camera mounted on a SLR-Zoom Joby Pod

SLR-Zoom Pod


Close-up SLR-Zoom Pod


Night Time in Rome


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