Images from 2016

I was wondering last night, how I should end the year 2016 in photographic terms? ThDom Church Saint Gallenan it came to me and I decided to simply post some of my favorite images, that I have taken around these parts in the past year. So here we go, the images are not a specific to a genre, but a cross section of some of the work I did as well as private projects. I am not going real exotic here, all these images are taken her in Europe. Never the less I hope you like a few of them.

Now at this point I hope you enjoyed a relaxed Christmas and I do wish you all the best for the new year 2017!


Drei Weihere St.Gallen Jonny Lopez and Jordan Paparazzo Mühletal, Steinach Schweizermeisterschaft Leichtathletik Claude Diallo, jazz, musiker Basel, Rhein Bodensee Maria Weiss, Künstlerin Alpstein, Appenzell Tabea Nora Stiefel Tom Jones, Moon and Stars, musikfestival Augstenberg, Malbun, Lichtenstein Augstenberg, Malbun, Lichtenstein Alpstein, Waldegg Rorschach, Bodensee Bartender Romanshorn, Bodensee Michelle, model

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