I got the Summer Blues…

The days are hot and sunny, well most of them…Valerie Swimming in the pool Here in Switzerland, central Europe it is not unusual to get a few days, or even a week of rain in the middle of the summer, temperature drops and even snow up in the higher regions of the Alps.

I am working part time as a Lifeguard at a local pool and of course we are the busiest on the hot, sunny days. It’s enjoyable work most days, maybe a little stressful at times, but overall pretty nice. I do take a camera to work at times and hope for a good image opportunity.

Never the less it feels a bit dull as the days pass, one sunny day follows the next and I long for a break in the monotony. Changing weather, spending time in the mountains or at the nearby lake, away from work helps.

I try to set myself goals, organize little trips, expeditions on the days off, learn something new about photography, leave my comfort zone, in short; challenge my senses and intellect. So I work at learning more about night photography, stary skies, long exposure stuff also in the daytime and more.

Still, I am yearning for a tip to foreign shores, a different continent, some water action sports. It is the new, the different that excites us, lures us, isn’t it? At the end of the season will have time to do so, I am planing a trip, this raises my spirit, makes my hearth skip a beat…

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