Fuji XT-2 goes to Tenerife

It took time to get my own Fuji XT-2, I ordered one late November of 2016Photo of the Fuji XT-2 with the Kit lens and by the end of the year I still had no Idea when I would get my hands one one. Reason: Backorder…

Anyway by early February I finally held one in my hands and got to do a bit of personal testing/ exploring. Reading lot’s of reviews did prepare me in a rudimentary way of what the camera has to offer, but in order to learn to use it, I needed to take it out and shoot with it.

That is exactly what I started doing. I had a bout a week to familiarize myself with the body and I quickly noticed, that it took a bit of getting used to. Using the joy stick instead of the 4 way selector buttons to move the focus point took some time. (I had configured the 4 way selector buttons to move focus points left, right, up and down on the XT-1.)
I would often hit one of the 4 selector buttons instead, bringing up the new options that are programed with each button. Slowly my right hand ist adjusting to the change, operator error is becoming less frequent.

Finding my way through the menu options and some of the changes takes some time and every once in a wile I find a new snag. Not that the camera is difficult to use, the top arrangement of controls is just as intuitiv as it was on the XT-1, but there are options hidden in the menu. That one has to find out/ learn. There are some many option and features…

An other thing that took some adjusting is the viewfinder, being brighter it gave me the false impression, that I was about to overexpose the frame. Watching the histogram it looked alright and so after reviewing the first images in Lightroom, I gained confidence, that I was not overexposing the image, but exposing correctly. It may also have to do with the fact, that the dynamic range of the new camera allows exposing to the right better than the previous model, I seem to clip the highlights much less. This is great news!

The viewfinder is great, so ist the new LCD display and the many swivel options come in quite handy.


So, I had a short escape from the cold winter planed. For a short 9 days I would travel to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. It would give me a chance to test the new camera a bit more in dept. It was a rather short trip, but much better short, than not flying south at all!

On the island, it was my first trip there, I photographed landscapes, people and a bit of water-sports action. El Medano on the south-east corner is a well known windsurf and kitesurf destination. Although it was not the windy season there were still some good days. So my initial testing of the continuous autofocus turned out positive. I have read how much it was improved, but I needed to see for myself.

At this point I want to show some images taken on the island to tell my Fuji XT-2 experience…

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