Wedding Photography

Information regarding my style of wedding photography!

how I work:
I mostly cover weddings alone. As a single person you blend in easier into the wedding party. Although larger wedding parties tend to require an assistant.

traditional wedding photography or photojournalism style:
I tend to cover a weeding from a relaxed ‘Caribbean’ outlook on life, combining traditional and classical photography elements with a salt and pepper dose of photojournalism. ( I have lived in the Caribbean for 20 years! )

digital, color or B&W:
I started to switch to digital photography in 2001. By late 2005 I was shooting exclusively in the digital media and sold my last film camera. It made sense to me because I lived in the Dominican Republic and reputable processing labs were few in the country.
I shoot almost exclusively in RAW, not a in camera compressed JPG file format. RAW images captured can be processed in a number of high end RAW converter/ programs and allow you more flexibility in post-processing. Think of a RAW file as a digital negative or slide. Subsequent copies offer the highest quality attainable in the digital medium.

I find that at the editing stage (in the digital darkroom), images often beg to be seen in B&W or a Sepia tone conversion. The shooting location, background, time of day and the subject play a big role in what looks better at the end, color or B&W.

time of day/ lighting:
I prefer to shoot any wedding in daylight using at least to some degree natural lighting. Late afternoons are great. Well illuminated locations produce better night time results even with the use of flash. Despite a contrary misconception; images taken on slightly overcast days turn out great, favoring great skin tones and the light has a softer quality overall. Yes, there are overcast days in the Caribbean, but more so during the winter months…

wedding packages/ expenses:
I offer two packages, they include one photographer and differ mostly in the duration of the allocated shooting time, not the coverage overall. I live now in St. Gallen/ Switzerland. When I travel outside my region I allocate an expense budget to cover additional costs; transportation, lodging etc.

equipment/ gear:
I use high end Canon digital SLR cameras and lenses, flash units, other accessories and backup units for all items. Files get saved and backed up on external hard drives.

delivery of final product:
The selected and edited images from the shoot are burned to data DVD/ USB-stick in a loss-less TIFF format.
I addition I add a small JPG image downsized to send via email as well as a HTML image gallery file to browse through all images on the media quickly.

A selection of 8.5 x 11″ (letter size) prints and a online gallery/ slideshow is also part of any package.

The DVD/ USB stick and the prints are handed to the newlyweds wile they are still on location!

Ace and Jeniffer with the flower girl

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