At the Moon and Stars Festival

A couple of weeks ago I went on a road trip with some friends to theTom Jones at the Moon and Stars Festival in Locarno in Switzerland southern part of Switzerland, the Tessin and northern Italy. The Tessin is south of the Alps and therefore the weather is usually warmer, sunnier and more mediterran.

Moon and Stars is a week long music festival located on the ‘Piazza Grande’ of Locarno, a charming setting in the center of the town. The main act on the given night where: Earth Wind & Fire and Tom Jones.
We stayed in the small town of Cannobio, south of the border in northern Italy, since most hotels close by where booked or too expensive for our budgets. The 20 min. drive along the ‘Lago Maggiore’ south is quite scenic and so we did not mind at all.

Cannobio is a pretty small town with it’s own ‘Piazza’ right at the waterfront. Lot’s of small and mid size restaurant lined the plaza, offering typical Italien food, drinks and great ice cream…

The day after the concert we went to explore the nearby Verzasca Valley, it’s large dam and the world renown stone bridge spanning the river upstream near Lavertezzo.

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