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Bogartenlücke as seen from BollenweesA little over a week ago I spent 2 days in the mountains nearby, the Alpstein. These mountains are part of the Swiss Alps, sort of a northeastern promontory with a very interesting geology, craggy and steep ridges intercepted by lovely valleys and ‘Alps’.

I stayed overnight in an Auberge ‘Gasthaus Bollenwees’. The next morning I met a fellow photographer, Kathrin Grissemann. In a spontaneous decision we agreed to hike together a route up to the Säntis, the highest peak in this mountain range. We were spurred by the promise of improving weather, clearing skies and potentially awesome conditions for creating photographs.

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I got the Summer Blues…

The days are hot and sunny, well most of them…Valerie Swimming in the pool Here in Switzerland, central Europe it is not unusual to get a few days, or even a week of rain in the middle of the summer, temperature drops and even snow up in the higher regions of the Alps.

I am working part time as a Lifeguard at a local pool and of course we are the busiest on the hot, sunny days. It’s enjoyable work most days, maybe a little stressful at times, but overall pretty nice. I do take a camera to work at times and hope for a good image opportunity.

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