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Merry Christmas ‘ol’ Cabarete..!

Hello friends and a Merry Christmas to all..!Cabarete old time windsurfing images

In order to provide a little entertainment and an excuse to dwell in the past for a bit I put together a gallery of images that show the sailing way back in Cabarete. It also depicts some of the characters and personalities that were part of the times and the windsurfing scene.

Panorama Images

It, has become much easier in recent years to create panorama images.Spiesertor-26 Cameras Like my Fuji X-E1 and the X-T1 offer panorama functions in Camera. Not that Fuji was the one to start this trend, that accolade may belong to Sony. Sony integrated this feature in years past already into compact cameras, later also in the Nex- Camera line.

Back to Fuji and the 2 camera models I presently own, I noticed the more recent X-T1 has less issues when prompted to create a seamless in camera panorama. I have jet to see a stepped panorama like it is sometimes the case with the X-E1. I attribute this to advanced algorithms in the newer software…