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Summer 2014

The summer that didn’t happen!north-east-146

As such this one will go down in history; not enough sun, too much rain and colder than usual temperatures…



I met Virena in the small Kite-surfing town of Cumbuco in the north of Brazil. Cumuco is a well known water-sports town in the world of Kite-surfing. Virena was working out there at he the local gym. I could tell alone by her physic that she was working out regularly and hard…


Just a cool little shooting with Romy.


Lake Cruise

Just a week back I tried a new route across the lake 'Bodensee'. It was a spur of the moment decision with the boat leaving the dock in Rorschach just after 5pm. The trip would take me to Langenargen, a neat small town on the German side of the lake. The prominent landmark in Langenargen is the Castle of Montfort. It is also used as a restaurant and for events. (the caste is at the very left of the first image.

From there I had to take a train to Friedrichshafen and from there back to the Swiss side of the lake to Romanshorn the car ferry. The last image shows the Swiss Cruise Ship Fleet at their moorings in the harbor, night descending...

Castle Montfort, Langenargen

Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt


I did a shooting with Matthäus some weeks back. He is in his late teens. He wanted some cool photos for his social media sites.

The location is a canyon at the edge of the city of St.Gallen. There are plenty of older or abandoned houses, some covered with Graffiti, serving as a backdrop...

click on the image for a larger view…